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Uncharted Horizons Aerial Imaging Solutions

Uncharted Horizons is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/Drone) services company based in Co. Tipperary which provides a multitude of drone aerial works across a diverse range of industries and applications in the Republic of Ireland. We provide aerial photography, videography, inspections & mapping/surveying solutions for a host of company’s, businesses and individuals requiring aerial services for real estate advertising, insurance, construction, promotion, infrastructure/utility and recreational purposes.

At Uncharted Horizons it is our mission to fully understand the needs of our clients to deliver a service exceeding expectations with safety being the utmost priority. Uncharted Horizons have the expertise to help you achieve a quality product for your investment. By utilising the latest in drone technology & software packages we can deliver a range of services from 5k video footage to photogrammetry/mapping which can be delivered in the file type meeting your requirements. Whatever the desired end product, we are committed to working tirelessly until our clients are completely satisfied with our service

The Ideal Aircraft

for videography, mapping and inspections.

DJI Inspire 2

offering video resolutions up to 5.2K

Uncharted Horizons

Capable of recording in resolutions up to 5.2K

Zenmuse X5S Camera

For the perfect Imaging every time

Uncharted Horizons

Flight time up to 27 minutes

Mavic Pro

Powerful and ultra portable the Mavic captures video in 4k


There are many benefits of utilising drones for your business. At Uncharted Horizons careful planning of every flight mission is paramount for maintaining our high safety standards and compliance with current drone regulations. We only provide competent, trained and licensed pilots to undertake all of our aerial works and as a company standard, we carry public liability insurance of €6.5 million. We are licensed to provide commercial aerial imaging services in the Republic of Ireland and authorised to do so by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). At Uncharted Horizons we also hold a Specific Operations Permission (SOP) from the IAA to undertake commercial UAV works within areas of controlled or restricted airspace subject to Air Traffic Control approval. As Uncharted Horizons is well versed in these aspects of the planning process we will ensure that all necessary permissions are approved and in place prior to executing every flight mission.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Using the latest in camera and drone technology we can capture a variety of high-resolution aerial images and video to suit your needs.

Services Provided

  • Aerial Mapping/Aerial Surveying

  • Infrastructure, Utility & Asset Aerial Inspections

  • Aerial Photography/Videography

  • 3D Modelling

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