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Terms of Service


With the vast range of industry services provided by Uncharted Horizons, each project is unique, with a variety of factors determining the time required to capture the imagery and costs associated. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Scale of project
  • Deliverables required (5k/4k/Survey grade maps)
  • Post production requirements
  • Weather impact – time of year
  • Location
  • Associated Risks
  • IAA/ATC Approvals
  • Site visits & flight planning

Performance of the Services

Uncharted Horizons will perform the services in accordance with the Client brief as agreed and will provide the Client with the deliverables specified.

Client Brief

The Client will provide Uncharted Horizons with a brief detailing the services required (depending on complexity) and deliverables expected including any other relevant information such as access, location (eircode if possible), proposed date and contact details. From this initial brief, Uncharted Horizons will ascertain if the aerial works are feasible from a permissions & operational aspect and if so, begin pre flight surveys and risk assessments.

Uncharted Horizons relies on the Client to provide accurate and complete information. Failure to provide complete information, resulting in delays to the execution of works, may incur charges to cover time and associated travel costs.

In certain circumstances changes may be required to the Client brief in order to accommodate restrictions for aerial works in accordance with workplace health & safety regulations. The Client must agree to accommodate these changes prior to execution of works.

Bookings & Deposits

We endeavour to be as flexible as possible when working with our clients as aerial works rely heavily on suitable weather conditions, which can be difficult to predict and plan for. With this in mind we require as much notice as possible to adequately plan & prepare for each flight mission ensuring that we are fully compliant with IAA regulations and our operating licence.

Whilst we are happy to provisionally reserve a booking without a deposit, Clients are encouraged to secure bookings with a deposit, as in the event of a postponement, those bookings which have been secured with a deposit will have priority over those that don’t. Provisional bookings without a deposit will then need to be rebooked to accommodate the change in schedule.


Where IAA approval is required for aerial works inside controlled or restricted airspace, Uncharted Horizons will submit all necessary applications.

Timeframes for aerial works application approval vary significantly which may affect lead times. Clients will be advised on any potential lead times during the initial brief/discussion.

Payment Terms

A full and detailed written invoice will be provided to the client once the client has fully briefed Uncharted Horizons on the requirements and expectations of the service.

30% deposit is required in advance to secure the booking, which must be paid no less than two business days prior to the planned day of commencement of the services. In certain circumstances, due to time constraints, this may not be possible. Alternative arrangements will then be discussed and agreed.

Upon completion of the service, the balance of the fee must be paid within 30 days of presentation of our invoice, which will be issued on provision of deliverables, unless otherwise agreed.

Weather, Postponements and Cancellations

Due to the prevailing weather conditions in Ireland and the nature of drone operations, Uncharted Horizons may be unable to provide the services and operate its aerial equipment on the scheduled day if the weather is deemed unsuitable.  In this instance we will not charge the client if we can schedule alternative arrangements. The initial 30% deposit will be transferred and the client will incur no additional costs. In addition if works are interrupted by a change in weather conditions Uncharted Horizons will arrange a further site visit to complete the aerial works at no additional cost to the client.

In the event that the aerial works are postponed by the client due to weather conditions being unsuitable for the required deliverables (i.e. not sunny), costs will be incurred by the client for Uncharted Horizons time/travel expenses and an alternative date agreed.

The client may cancel the services prior to the scheduled date by giving as much notice as reasonably practicable to Uncharted Horizons. If the service is cancelled due to the client no longer requiring the service, the Client will forfeit the 30% deposit and the Client must also meet any other expenses incurred by Uncharted Horizons during the planning process of the aerial works.

If cancellation is required due to circumstances out of client control we will be more than happy to discuss our cancellation policy in more detail and agree potential fees, if any.


Unless outright purchase of the aerial imagery is specifically agreed and contracted, Uncharted Horizons retains the copyright of all content. The client purchasing the services of Uncharted Horizons will get full use of the material (via a single non-transferrable license), however the client will not be permitted to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to use it without the sole agreement of Uncharted Horizons.

Uncharted Horizons reserves the right to use any of our aerial imagery for internal promotion, whether this be inclusion on our social media pages or website. Also we reserve the right to supply the footage to stock libraries at a later date. We would be happy to answer any further queries you may have in relation to this during our initial briefing.