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Aerial Photography & Videography

Using the latest in camera and drone technology we can capture a variety of high-resolution aerial images and video to suit your needs. Whether its for real estate, marketing, promotional purposes or even construction site progress, it has long been known that aerial imagery offers a unique perspective and can be a huge addition as to how your site, building or area of focus is viewed and perceived. Using a 20.8MP camera and lenses with varying focal lengths all imagery is captured in RAW format offering higher resolution and a greater degree of post processing opportunities.

Aerial Mapping & Surveying

There are numerous industries and applications that can benefit greatly by using drone technology to create highly detailed orthomosaic aerial maps. Using the latest software, hundreds and sometimes thousands of high-resolution images from an aerial survey are stitched together to create one large aerial image/map, which contains detailed information and features extracted from the aerial imagery.

Volumetric calculations, elevations, digital surface models and terrain maps can all be generated from the collated aerial imagery during the surveying/mapping process. In some circumstances a high degree is accuracy is required in terms of global positioning and elevation and in these circumstances ground control points are inputted into the mapping software to ensure that the latitude and longitude of any point on the map corresponds accurately with actual GPS coordinates.

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3D Imaging

Not only is it possible to view detailed 2D maps of specified areas or structures from aerial surveys, but advances in drone technology and software in recent years can now afford clients the opportunity to view and interact with projects in high resolution 3D.

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Roof Surveys

Advancements in drone technology have introduced bespoke software to allow detailed roof inspections to be undertaken for damage assessments or insurance purposes. At Uncharted Horizons we offer you such a service and using our state of the art drone technology can produce a detailed map of the entire roof surface, which can be inspected at any point by an engineer/insurance company etc.

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Aerial Inspections

Undertaking inspections of assets such as turbines, masts, bridge supports etc. can be a very challenging & risky procedure. With evolving drone technology and an increasing acceptance of industries to eliminate personnel working at height by utilizing UAV’s/drones, safety across all applications can be improved with greatly reduced risk to personnel and assets.

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